Leadership From Your Elected Representative

 As an incumbent in a different elected office, I’m proud of my accomplishments over the last nearly nine years serving on the School Board for District 1;   I do not read self-help books on leadership, I do not seek out leadership seminars, I don't attempt to check boxes or mark off checklists to illustrate my leadership prowess;  I simply lead by example.  Leaders, in my opinion, do not need catchy slogans, instruction booklets, or flashy catch phrases and  illustrations touting their ability to lead-they simply do the work, make the tough decisions, and have the guts to do what they feel is right. these are the true hallmarks of a leader.  I have a RECORD of strong leadership and advocacy on the

 Board  and I will continue this work ethic if I have the honor of winning your vote in 2016 as your County Commissioner in District 1.

As your school board member, here are a few of the accomplishments I have achieved to improve the schools in District 1.

--I brought the concept of a district-run health clinic to the board in November, 2010.  I pressed for the implementation of this clinic to save the district $Millions from our self-insured medical insurance fund.  This first of its kind in Escambia County Schools employee health clinic opened in June of 2013!

--Implementation of a multi-faceted Drug Eradication Strategy--this includes canine searches and drug testing students that participate in extracurricular activities.  Over initial objections from nearly the entire district including the board and superintendent, and after three years of effort-this plan was finally accepted and implemented in 2011 and has drastically reduced drug expulsions and has made our students safer.

--Recording of all workshops and meetings of the School Board with copies available online at the district website so that constituents and media can see our meetings and see our thoughtful and

thorough deliberations anytime it is convenient.  This initiative took over a year to achieve but has been highly successful since full implementation in 2012.

--I pressed hard for the School Board to have a prominent "web-presence" on the district's new web page.  After a 16 month series of delays, the School Board's web page was put up in 2011 to increase transparency for our constituents.

--Addition of a Safe Harbor Provision in the District Rights and Responsibilities Handbook, as a balance to zero tolerance.

-- Participation of the Escambia County School District in the MAP (Merit Award Program), a statewide teacher performance pay program to reward great teachers and grow student achievement.

--Expansion of music programs at the secondary level, with the addition of a new High School Band at West Florida High School beginning in the 2010-2011 school year.

--Initiation of the Establishment of a University Lab School in Partnership with the University of West Florida. School  opened  2010-2011 school year.

--Acceleration of closure and consolidation process to correct district inefficiencies.

--Support and advocacy for the utilization of GPS tracking software on district vehicles to optimize routes and increase efficiency and accountability.

--Notification to District Human Resources Staff that some language in the proposed Equal Employment Opportunity Plan was discriminatory, resulting in a change to the language in the document that would ensure that all employees are treated equally.

--Insertion of language in our procurement procedures policy to actively seek out bids from Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses, change to policy was inserted in 2009.

--Successfully led the board in keeping the term  “Christmas Break” when district officials attempted to change the designation to “Winter Break”.

--Successfully Led the Board in implementing a reduction of the discretionary capital millage rate for the 2008-2009 School Budget such that taxpayers saw no overall tax rate increase over the 2007-2008 rate.

About Me

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I am the Chairman of the Escambia Board of County Commissioners. I was elected to the Commission as the District 1 Member on November 8, 2016. If the Good Lord wills it-- I will serve in this capacity until November of 2020. Prior to this, I was the school board member for the same district, elected in November of 2006, subsequently re-elected in 2010 and elected unopposed in 2014. I am also the full-time Facilities Management Annex Manager locally for a Huntsville, Alabama- based woman-owned defense contractor. I am a 1986 Graduate of Pensacola High School; I have a BA from San Diego State University and a Master of Science in Public Administration from the University of West Florida. My wife Sally and I have three children, Tori, Nick, and Brandon. I have a passion for and a vested interest in our neighborhoods as a long-term resident of Beulah in Escambia's District 1. Call me on my cell phone, any time, for community-related concerns for which I can be of assistance at 850-293-1459