Testimonials: What Do Citizens and Leaders in the Public and Private Sector Say about Jeff Bergosh's Past Performance?

"Jeff Bergosh is a leader with fortitude and he is not afraid to tell the truth--even when it is not popular.  He understands governance, infrastructure, and leadership.  He also knows growth and economic development and how important these things are to a thriving economy.  He represents his constituents with distinction- and he greatly assisted in the team effort to bring millions of dollars to Pensacola and Escambia County for high-tech jobs at the Pensacola Airport.  His assistance was vital and our community is better for it.  Jeff is the right man to represent District 1 on the Escambia Board of County Commissioners"
Mayor Ashton J. Hayward (Pensacola Mayor 2011-2019)

"Jeff Bergosh has proven himself to be an involved, hard-working board member who asks tough questions and isn't afraid to go against the prevailing winds. He said that "I don't feel entitled to the seat, I have to earn it," and that's how he has gone about the job.  He's been a fiscal conservative from the start."
Pensacola News Journal Editorial Board, July 30, 2010

“I want to personally thank Jeff Bergosh for keeping me appraised on the impact our legislation has on the local districts from the perspective of the conservative board members on the bottom of 4-1 and 3-2 votes, like I was when I was a school board member… Jeff worked very hard over the last several sessions and represented his area with distinction as he and the Florida Coalition of School Board Members helped us pass some very important legislation in the 2016 term”               

--   Florida Senate President Don Gaetz, May 2016

"I know first hand what it takes to do the job of a County Commissioner, and I strongly support Jeff Bergosh for County Commissioner in District 1 because he has the skills and abilities to do the job and represent us well.  Jeff has my full support in this election"

Wilson B Robertson, Escambia County Commissioner District 1,   2008-2016                                                        August, 2016

“Working with Mr. Bergosh over the last four years, I’ve come to appreciate the way he represents his district and our entire school system. I support Jeff Bergosh in this election for School Board, District 1. I look forward to having him on our leadership team as we continue the work to make Escambia County Schools the best they can be.”

Norm Ross, Deputy Superintendent of Schools 2000- present , Escambia County Florida      2010

“I truly believe Jeff Bergosh is the right candidate to serve as the School Board Member for District 1. His expertise and ideas with regards to facilities management helps our district as we look toward providing the facilities necessary to keep up with the continuing growth in southwest Escambia County. As a fellow resident of district 1, I support Jeff Bergosh for School Board in this election.”

Jim Paul, Superintendent of Schools 2000-2008 Escambia County Florida,          2010

“As a former Superintendent of Schools in Escambia County, I would have been proud to have someone the caliber of Jeff Bergosh serving alongside me as the School Board Member for District 1. I believe Jeff will do an excellent job representing the interests of District 1, as well as ensuring we provide a world class education for our students.”

Bill Maloy, Escambia County Superintendent of Schools  1992-1996                                                                                                                            August   2006

“Jeff Bergosh is a fair, honest, and reasonable man who is committed to public education and our children. I think he will do a great job representing District 1 on the School Board. As a former Board member and fellow resident of District 1, Jeff has my vote and support in this election.”

Jim C. Bailey, 1976-1998  Escambia County School Board Member, District 1                                                                                                            August   2006

“Mr. Jeff Bergosh is committed to supporting opportunities that benefit students regardless of the challenges that may be presented. He is determined to find a way to do what is right for students. His support for a band program at WFHS has been unwavering. Through his efforts, band classes will be offered at West Florida High School beginning August 2010.”

Lesa Morgan, Principal, West Florida High School of Advanced Technology      July  2010

“Jeff Bergosh is my choice for Escambia County School Board, district 1. As a teacher who resides and works in district 1, I appreciate the way Jeff Bergosh represents his constituents. He works hard to make the schools the best they can be for the students and the employees, and he is active in our schools. He has my full support in this election”

Todd Aulger, Elementary School Physical Education Teacher
Beulah Elementary School Pensacola Florida                                                          July   2010

"I strongly support Jeff Bergosh for the Escambia County School Board, District 1. I've known Jeff for 19 years, including a 6 year stretch where we worked together at the same job site. Jeff has a tremendous work ethic, he is intelligent, honest, compassionate, and he cares deeply for kids. He is passionate about his work; he prepares for, learns, and eventually excels at any task put before him. Jeff is fiscally conservative, he has great business savvy, and he has empathy for hard working taxpayers. I hope you'll join me and support Jeff in this election, I’m convinced he is the right man for this job."

Broderick J. Crager, 11th Grade English Teacher and H.S. English Department Chair
Perris High School, Perris, California                                                                           May  2010

“Jeff Bergosh is not afraid to tell you what he thinks, you will know where he stands on the issues—he is honest and he works hard for the kids in our schools. I strongly support Jeff Bergosh for school Board, district 1. We need more people like Jeff in public office, because he is a guy who gets things done”

Kevin L. Adams   2010
Chairman, School Attendance Zone Advisory Committee, 2008-2010
President, WFHS Quarterback Club, 2007-2010

"Jeff Bergosh did an admirable and professional job in assisting our Navy clients in the wake of  [Hurricane Ivan] storm recovery                                                                                                              aboard NAS Pensacola"
Bill Olson, Sr. Program Manager,                                                                                                           Lockheed Martin Information                                                                                                               Technology Services,  2007

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I am the District 1 Commissioner on the Escambia Board of County Commissioners. I was elected to the Commission as the District 1 Member on November 8, 2016. If the Good Lord wills it-- I will serve in this capacity until November of 2020. Prior to this, I was the school board member for the same district, elected in November of 2006, subsequently re-elected in 2010 and elected unopposed in 2014. I am also the full-time Facilities Management Annex Manager locally for a Huntsville, Alabama- based woman-owned defense contractor. I am a 1986 Graduate of Pensacola High School; I have a BA from San Diego State University and I hold a Master of Science in Public Administration degree from the University of West Florida. My wife Sally and I have three children, Tori, Nick, and Brandon. I have a passion for and a vested interest in our neighborhoods as a long-term resident of Beulah in Escambia's District 1. Call me on my cell phone, any time, for community-related concerns for which I can be of assistance at 850-293-1459