Thank You District 1-----WE WON AGAIN!!!

The race for me was long, beginning in March of 2019.  

But it is over as of last night.  

The votes have been counted and the results are in: by 1082 votes and representing nearly an 8-percentage point margin--I was victorious in last night's election.  

I am humbled and extremely thankful that the citizens have re-elected me to another term on the Board of County Commissioners!

First and foremost, I thank God.  I am so blessed and I am thankful to Him!

Next, I am thankful to my family--my wife Sally and our three children Tori, Nick, and Brandon.  I'm thankful for all the support of my brother Gary, my sister-in-law Carissa, my nephews Alex and Ben, and my extended Marsh family in San Diego--Jeff and Gayle, Charlene and Tyler, Matthew and Rachel, Dylan, Jake, Charlie, and Ben.  

There is nobody a candidate leans on more than family--I have a great family, they are supportive, and for this I am thankful.

I am also thankful for the many great friends I have in the community that are always there for me;  It is incredibly difficult to do anything in politics without great friends that are there for you when you need them--and I am blessed to have a great network of friends in District 1 and throughout the county who stepped up, supported this campaign, helped to canvass, wrote checks, posted on social media, placed signs in their yards, and attended campaign events.  It really takes a team to do these campaigns, and I am thankful for the team that stood behind me in this election.

So I am prepared to serve and will serve, if the Good Lord wills it, for the next 4 years and 3 months in this position as we continue to move forward and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic locally. And we have so many ongoing projects that we are working and challenges we will turn into opportunities for our citizens.  I look forward to the years aheadn, and  I am so thankful and grateful for the opportunity to serve--thanks to all who have made it possible.

Now, let's get to work together---there is lots to do!

Experience. Now More Than Ever!

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

In these incredibly trying times in which we find ourselves--with the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic disrupting every aspect of our lives--we need experienced, tested, steady leadership at the helm of our District 1 County Commission office.  We need experience--now more than ever!  This position is incredibly complex, with asymmetrical challenges arising daily that require a leader who is articulate, intelligent, and can think on his feet.  We don't need an inexperienced unknown candidate who will require "on the job" training, we don't need someone with an agenda who moved here to run from a different district, and we certainly cannot afford to "hire" someone who in incapable of rising to and meeting every one of the complex challenges of this job.  We need solid, experienced, transparent leadership, and that is what I bring to this position.  Make no mistake:  In this election you'll be "hiring" your representative--demand from all candidates in this race complete transparency from them!  Demand their specific educational attainment, business experience, and other relevant qualifications.  My 35 year resume, every business I have owned and every place I have worked-- together with all of my academic transcripts--, and my detailed plan for improving our community over the next four years, the NEXT4Escambia plan-- are all linked right here for your review (and on the right, below).  Any candidates asking for your vote should provide this same information to you, the constituents of District 1 who are "hiring" this position.

Serving the citizens of Escambia County is and has been one of the greatest honors and privileges I have ever been afforded in my lifetime.  And now more than ever, as we face unprecedented challenges both financial and operational--I am honored to represent you and serve you as your commissioner.

I grew up here, I raised my family here, and I love this community.  

This is my home.  

I have no agenda besides making this community better for our families.

I humbly ask for your support and your vote on August 18th.  

Leadership that Delivers!: A Track Record of Accomplishments for District 1!

 Below are listed some of the many initiatives, projects, and policies for which I've advocated that have been accomplished over the last nearly 13 years that I have served you as your County Commissioner and previously as your School Board representative-initiatives that have made us better, stronger, more efficient, and more transparent as a community:

--I have never voted to increase your property tax rates--I voted against raising millage rates when pressed to do so by others in politics locally--and as a locally elected representative in District 1 over the last 13 years  I have NEVER voted to increase year over year tax rates on local property owners--and I NEVER will.  I believe governments must live within their means just as citizens and taxpayers do,  and that the simple answer, knee-jerk solution to a budget shortfall cannot always be to raise the rates on existing taxpayers to plug the hole.  When budget shortfalls occur, everyone must cut their spending.  To include local governments, counties, school districts and the state.

--We have completed $Millions of Dollars in quality of life, infrastructure, public safety, and economic development  projects in District 1 over the last 3 years--with many more coming!
     --Restrooms at Beulah Park--completed
     --Traffic Light at Beulah Road and Mobile Hwy--completed
     --Mitchell Avenue Sidewalks in Avondale--completed
     --Drainage improvements and Sidewalks project on Merlin Road--completed
     --4-lane and sidewalk addition for Longleaf Drive from Pine Forest Road to Wymart Road--fully funded and currently at 60% design
     --Restore Act Funding requested for a new Boat Ramp and park facility on 39 acres at Perdido Bay
     --$1.5 Million in D1 Restore Act funds utilized to help bring the $230 Million ST Engineering Aerospace Expansion to Escambia County--with over 1300 good paying jobs!
     --Acquisition of OLF 8 in Beulah to be utilized to create mixed use development and amenities for the community and the county + an additional 300 jobs at NFCU paying an average wage approaching $50K yearly
     --Voted to economize County Transportation by negotiating the function to become an in-house department-saving County taxpayers millions of dollars.
     --Turn lane at Woodside avenue-completed
     --Hwy 98 Resurfacing and Safety Improvements from Blue Angel to the Alabama State Line--completed (state funded)
     --4-lane and sidewalks from Exit 5 in Beulah to Beulah Road--funded and under construction with completion this year (state funded)
     -- Upgrades to the Bellview Ball park, including a new score board and renovated baseball and softball fields--completed
     -- Drafted and presented to the BCC  the ordinance establishing the NW District 1 advisory committee--ordinance passed in 2018 and the committee was selected and seated in 2019.  This 9-member committee will assist D1 with the drafting of an overlay district or a master plan to help more intelligently guide development in the greater Beulah area (precincts 43, 5, and 68)
    --$300K in Restore Act funding submitted for the cost of the Beulah area master plan or overlay plan

Testimonials: What Do Citizens and Leaders in the Public and Private Sector Say about Jeff Bergosh's Past Performance?

"Jeff Bergosh is a leader with fortitude and he is not afraid to tell the truth--even when it is not popular.  He understands governance, infrastructure, and leadership.  He also knows growth and economic development and how important these things are to a thriving economy.  He represents his constituents with distinction- and he greatly assisted in the team effort to bring millions of dollars to Pensacola and Escambia County for high-tech jobs at the Pensacola Airport.  His assistance was vital and our community is better for it.  Jeff is the right man to represent District 1 on the Escambia Board of County Commissioners"
Mayor Ashton J. Hayward (Pensacola Mayor 2011-2019)


"The Northwest Chapter of the Florida Police Benevolent Association, Inc. is proud to inform you of our endorsement of your candidacy for the office of County Commissioner of Escambia County District 1.  We are proud to endorse you after careful consideration by our political screening board..We will ask all of our members, their friends and family.--and all citizens who love and respect law enforcement, to cast their ballot in support of your candidacy"

James Newton, President, Northwest Chapter of the Florida Police Benevolent Association
July, 2020

"Jeff Bergosh supports and has worked hard for the volunteer firefighters in Beulah at ECFR Station 2.  He said he would get us better equipment, and he did.  He said he would get us funding for a modern fire station--and he did.  Jeff Bergosh follows through on his pledges-and he does what he says he will do.  In this election for County Commissioner, District 1, we are supporting Jeff Bergosh because he gets things done!"

--Beau Rodrique.  Beulah Resident,  Asst. Volunteer Fire Chief, and 20-year volunteer fireman at Beulah's Station 2 

"Jeff Bergosh has proven himself to be an involved, hard-working board member who asks tough questions and isn't afraid to go against the prevailing winds. He said that "I don't feel entitled to the seat, I have to earn it," and that's how he has gone about the job.  He's been a fiscal conservative from the start."
Pensacola News Journal Editorial Board, July 30, 2010

“I want to personally thank Jeff Bergosh for keeping me appraised on the impact our legislation has on the local districts from the perspective of the conservative board members on the bottom of 4-1 and 3-2 votes, like I was when I was a school board member… Jeff worked very hard over the last several sessions and represented his area with distinction as he and the Florida Coalition of School Board Members helped us pass some very important legislation in the 2016 term”               

--   Florida Senate President Don Gaetz, May 2016

"I know first hand what it takes to do the job of a County Commissioner, and I strongly support Jeff Bergosh for County Commissioner in District 1 because he has the skills and abilities to do the job and represent us well.  Jeff has my full support in this election"

Wilson B Robertson, Escambia County Commissioner District 1,   2008-2016                                                        August, 2016


When we established the Pop-Up Movie Tour concept we started it in Escambia County's District 1 at the fairgrounds.  We called everyone we could think of and I exhausted every contact I had before "cold-calling" Commissioner Bergosh's office.  Everyone and everywhere else shut us down, but Jeff Bergosh gave us immediate help and quickly provided me the assistance I needed to get the business off the ground. His assistance and the help from his office were vital to the tremendous success we achieved opening up this concept in the Pensacola area--so I am thankful for Jeff's help getting the Pop-Up Movie Tour started.  He is a guy that understands small business and I believe he does a great job for Escambia County.  He has my support in this election!  

--Michael Silver- Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur, and founder of Drive-In Dudes and the Pop-Up Movie Tour                                                                    June, 2020

"Jeff understands the difficulties facing those of us in the building/developing business.  Jeff helped when county rules on naming subdivisions was going to cost me money at no fault of mine or my company.  Jeff spoke to staff, the issue was solved, and I did not incur any losses.  He was helpful and that really stood out to me as a true mark of leadership--and I support Jeff Bergosh for Escambia County Commissioner in this election"

--Gary Holt, Pensacola Realtor, Developer, and small business owner   May, 2020

As the owner of Horse Rides of Pensacola for over a decade I have enjoyed operating my business out in the Beulah community of District 1.  But as Beulah has grown, the number of interactions between horses and cars has increased--and unfortunately this resulted in the death of our horse "Cookie" very recently on Frank Reeder Road.  When I knew that we needed warning signage out in the community alerting drivers to the presence of horses and riders--I contacted Commissioner Jeff Bergosh and he immediately assigned staff to the issue.  Within two weeks we had warning signs installed making our operations and drivers much safer.  And any time I have needed the county to get the workers from the jail out here to clean up the right of ways--I  have called  Jeff's office and the very next day it is done....not two or three days later, the very next day!  I appreciate Commissioner Bergosh's support for local small businesses and his fast response to important issues;  I think Jeff does a great job and he has my full support in this election!

--Cheryl Glass, owner/operator of Horse Rides of Pensacola               June 2020

"Commissioner Bergosh is accessible and he returns calls and answers questions--even tough ones.  He does not hide from the issues even when he does not agree.  Now, I don't agree with everything he does, says or believes--but I like the fact that he respects small businessmen and he understands the concepts of liberty, freedom, and the free markets.  As a third generation small business owner living in Escambia's District 1--I support Jeff Bergosh in this election to keep his seat on the County Commission"

--Larry Downs Jr.  Owner, Larry Downs Jr. Plumbing      June, 2020

"We're voting for Jeff Bergosh for County Commission because he's been our neighbor for 12 years, he's a man of honor and integrity that we know and we believe he's the most qualified candidate in this election"

--Gibb and Liz Lovett, District 1 residents     2016

"I strongly support Jeff Bergosh for county commission because I know the man and I trust him, he will get the job done right"    

 --Earl Wright, USMC,  Mobile Hwy, District 1    2016

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I am the District 1 Commissioner on the Escambia Board of County Commissioners. I was elected to the Commission as the District 1 Member on November 8, 2016, I was re-elected on August 18th 2020 to another four-year term, and If the Good Lord wills it-- I will serve in this capacity until November of 2024. Prior to this, I was the school board member for the same district, elected in November of 2006, subsequently re-elected in 2010 and elected unopposed in 2014. I am also the full-time Facilities Management Annex Manager locally for a Huntsville, Alabama- based woman-owned defense contractor. I am a 1986 Graduate of Pensacola High School; I have a BA from San Diego State University and I hold a Master of Science in Public Administration degree from the University of West Florida. My wife Sally and I have three children, Tori, Nick, and Brandon. I have a passion for and a vested interest in our neighborhoods as a long-term resident of Beulah in Escambia's District 1. Call me on my cell phone, any time, for community-related concerns for which I can be of assistance at 850-293-1459